F r o m K A R I N

Karin  can look after your pets.

Please feel free to ask us for long-term / regular visits or playing with pets staying at home during the day (^ _-)-☆ 

Always with the same perspective as your pet.

When you are late to return home due to travel, business trip, or work, or when you are hospitalized or not feeling well, KARIN will support you and your pets to spend time with peace of mind while you are away.


Please feel free to contact us for a walk agency that your dog loves, as well as a housekeeping and shopping service.


Familiar everyday life is irreplaceable for pets. KARIN puts the happiness of owners and pets first, and strives to provide optimal support according to a wide variety of personalities and qualities.


The eyes that stare at each other are always at the same height as the pets.


Leave your worries and pets with KARIN.



   Rest assured of "Spend time together"


KARIN aims to provide Total Pet Life Support for pet owners and pets. From the day pets become your family to the day pets crosses Rainbow Bridge, we will help you and them bring happiness.

  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walk
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Shopping Service
  • Sale of pet food, snack and supplement
  • Consultation on concerns about pets
  • Patrol Service
  • Wedding Sitter
  • Long term care sitter for pets
  • Introducing to pet cremation


Become a friend, be a close friend, be a family!


We hope that we can be a reliable second family for your pet.



  Rest assured of "Same as usual"


Pets prefer routine works. They like the daily routine that they decide and the daily life as usual leads to peace and relief of them.


Karin reads pet's feelings from their expressions and behaviors and respects thier routines on behalf of owners. We keep your beloved pets out of stress.



  Rest assured of "What if..."


Our business hours are from 8:00 to 21:00, but in case of emergency, we will handle around the clock as much as we can.


For owners who have kept spare key for a long time at KARIN, please contact us first for urgent requests such as on the day.

In addition, if difficult to return home due to a disaster, we will strive to ensure safety of pets in accordance with public evacuation instructions.